WEBSITES…that inspire

Many golf clubs were dotcom latecomers.

Sadly, so many golf clubs still rely on first generation websites that are simply digital brochures. The real battle for customers is about wanting to win and seizing the moment.  We believe a website should exploit your story and inspire the mind to move to a better place – quickly.

Naturally the factual details about your club are important but not if you have already lost the opening moments. Emotional senses must be stimulated with a palette of techniques including style, photography, video and even sound to reflect your personality, ambitions and reputation. Whether it’s a site refresh or a new build, our challenge is always to create high-end, agile and engaging websites that deliver winning solutions.

Our websites do the hard work – you won’t have to.

The Inspiration
Golf and the Strokesaver brand is at the core of our DNA but strategy, marketing and communications has underpinned our development over the past 7 years. Certainly, since our acquisition by Chairman Gary Denham who previously owned one of the worlds’ largest design and marketing consultancies - DIA. Today, imagination and creative excellence is at the heart of everything we do, especially our website and digital communications.

The process behind the inspiration

Make an enquiry

Our work inspires and promotes enquiries. Our team is structured to suit the project. We're very approachable and definitely not pushy but we are experienced and opinionated and likely to occasionally challenge your views. There is no intention to antagonise. It is how we sometimes break the mould and avoid conventional thinking.

Initial proposal and pricing
Ideally, all stakeholders meet and discuss the scope of the project and get a feel for each other's businesses. With good information, we will pull together our initial proposal with associated costs as a guideline for further discussion.

Full project specification
We'll identify your business, design and technical objectives and specify how our solution will deliver on them. If necessary, we'll create sitemaps and wireframes to help identify the key features and how they all fit together. The project specification serves as the backbone of the project.

Design phase
We'll work up some initial design concepts, tweaking them based on your feedback until we achieve sign-off on the overall art direction. We will then roll this out across the core pages, listening to your feedback and making design tweaks to make your brand work as hard as it can.

Development phase
Our sites are all built using PHP or .NET depending on the platform that is most suited. All of the HTML and CSS is completed first. This is then integrated with technical systems that you may need such as e-commerce or content management. We will make staged deliveries so you can check on the progress of the project.

Testing, feedback, amends
Once we have a fully functioning product to show, you will be asked to fully engage with testing, prior to final amendments and project launch. We will also make sure you know how to use any admin tools so you are confident with any on going maintenance or updates.

Project launch
With the project completed, it will be release to your customers. The project launch might link into a wider campaign and we can help to make sure that it all ties together seamlessly and on-time!

Monitor and improve
The only way to gauge the impact of the project is to monitor its performance and effect on your customers. There is always room for improvement, and with real usage data at our disposal, we can help you to identify those areas, which may be tweaked to perform better.

If you think experts are expensive…imagine what poor thinking, amateurs might cost you!