Let us do your Imagineering.

Our film work and animations are definitely edgy, we work hard to avoid boring, conventionalism. We prefer the challenge and fun of creating imaginative solutions that provoke reactions. A Strokesport Video will improve brand awareness and resonate with like - minded potential customers.

Technology now delivers millisecond web download speeds together with detailed analysis of customer preferences and attention spans. Golf clubs with content rich sites must demand visitors stay connected longer. Video is the logical answer.

Strokesport provide two distinct video options.

Option 1 Strokesport Golf Videos rely on a ‘Big Idea’ and a creative delivery designed to captivate and amaze. Short, fast and very edgy, professionally filmed and edited to HD broadcast quality. Think about the impact of YouTube and we are on the same wave length.

Option 2 Animoto. This award winning, video template, system enables us to collage your golf club images, music and video together into incredible animated slideshows. This is awesome technology, mind-blowingly watchable, spontaneously fast and very cost effective.

Any golf club event, party, awards ceremony, wedding or promotion can be created for broadcast via social media, YouTube, Websites or blogs. Sure you can do them yourself but it helps if you have the Strokesaver technical knowhow and creative ability.

People are not interested in the how, just the wow. If you agree, call for a chat. View both our Option samples and click for more info.

I am overwhelmed with your quality and originality. Well done!
Austen Gravestock, General Manager London Golf Club